New show "If You See Me Forgetting You" opening this week

A new Neverland tale is coming to the Shawnee Summer Theatre as the new play If You See Me Forgetting You opens June 28.

“It means so much to me to be able to bring this show to Shawnee. I've always loved the Peter Pan story, and how it explores time and memory and imagination in such a fun way,” Jonathan Golembiecki, playwright, said. “Who doesn't love flying and pirates and all the other things Neverland has to offer?”

Wendy (Kate Braun) is missing, and the only clue her grandchildren have is a note mentioning Neverland. When Wendy is locked away on the Jolly Roger, Amos (Jackson Janowicz) and Maggie (Amanda Rooksbury) — her grandchildren — must lead an unruly band of Lost Boys, battle pirates and they even encounter a Peter Pan (Darl Horning) who wants to trade places with Captain Hook (Adam Lewis). Along the way, they learn there is no better map than the human heart and no better story than the one you're currently living.

Bring your children and your imaginations and leave with a night of theatre you'll never forget. If You See Me Forgetting You is another exciting chapter in the timeless adventures of Peter Pan in Neverland.

“If you don't leave the theatre wondering if there's still some fairy dust in a pocket somewhere, or an old sword in the closet, then we haven't done our job,” he said.