Our 2019 Season

The Odd Couple 

By Neil Simon

  • Performance Dates: June 13-16

  • Directed by: Zach Phanuef

  • PG-13

Neil Simon is know as “the father of modern comedy” and his classic work , the 1965 Tony Award winning play (Best Play), The Odd Couple is considered by many as the finest stage comedy ever written.

Two suddenly single pals — a sloppy sportswriter and a fastidious news writer — strain their friendship by turning roommates and unconsciously repeating the same mistakes they made in the marriages they just left. Hilarity ensues as these two very polar-opposite friends have to figure out how to reconcile their differences.

Note: this show contains a bit of suggestive language and talks of suicide.

The Fantasticks 

Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones & Music by Harvey Schmidt

  • Performance Dates: June 20-23

  • Directed by: Bretteney Beverly & Bri Lindsey

  • Assistant Director: Danielle O’Connor

  • Music Director: Brian Samarzea

  • Choreography by: Bri Lindsey

  • PG

Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt’s The Fantasticks had a legendary 42-year Off-Broadway run (and then an 11-year revival), suggesting that there’s something strangely captivating about this sweet and simple musical fable.

Matt and Luisa fall in love when their fathers build a wall and pretend to feud. But once the parents put an end to the feud and allow the children to be together, Luisa and Matt decide to go their own ways to seek out their fortunes. In the end, after learning many valuable lessons, they come together to start a newer, more mature love.

“Without a hurt, the heart is hollow,” El Gallo sings to explain why he manipulates the story to turn out the way it does. The Fantasticks pulls at the heartstrings in a way that makes its delights all the more meaningful.

Miss Nelson is Missing 

Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing

  • Performance Dates: June 27-30

  • Directed & Choreographed by: Bri Lindsey

  • Assistant Director: Ta’Varis Wilson

  • Music Director: Brian Samarzea

  • G

Based on the classic children’s book Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard.

Miss Nelson’s class is the worst-behaved in the whole school and she can't control her crazy classroom because she's just too nice. But when she disappears, her replacement is the hard-as-nails, detention-loving, recess-canceling, homework-overloading substitute teacher Viola Swamp! With the Big Test approaching, the kids suddenly realize how much they miss Miss Nelson and they'll do anything -- including hiring a private eye -- to solve the mystery of her disappearance and bring her back.

Annual Shawnee Melodrama

We're back with the tomatoes, the fun and a great show directed by a Shawnee alumnus.

Wait Until Dark

By Frederick Knott

  • Performance Dates: July 11-14

  • Directed by: Danielle O’Connor

  • PG-13

From the hand of Frederick Knott, author of Dial M Murder, comes a major revival of the classic, edge-of-your-seat, thriller Wait Until Dark.

Suzy, a blind woman, lives with her husband Sam in a basement apartment in Greenwich Village. While away on business, Sam unknowingly smuggles a peculiar doll into the States. But when the doll goes missing, a woman is murdered and a mystery begins to unravel that leaves Suzy tangled up with a ruthless con man. A battle of wits ensues and light becomes dark as the tables are turned in a deadly game of cat and mouse — all leading to a “gripping finish” (LA Times).

Wait Until Dark, made into a film starring Audrey Hepburn in 1967, is often ranked as one of the top 100 scariest films of all time and this exciting new production reclaims it for the stage.

Note: this show contains adult language and themes, as well as the use of firearms and thematic and intense moments. Plus, some on stage herbal cigarette smoking.


Book, Music & Lyrics by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey

  • Performance Dates: July 18th – 21st

  • Directed by: Bretteney Beverly

  • Choreography by: Rakeem Lawrence

  • Music Director: Brian Samarzea

  • PG

The world’s best-loved musical is back! Grease is not just a nostalgic look at a simpler decade—it's an energetic and exciting musical homage to the age of rock 'n' roll.

After a whirlwind summer romance, leather-clad greaser Danny and girl-next-door Sandy are unexpectedly reunited when she transfers to Rydell High for senior year. But can they survive the trials and tribulations of teenage life and find true love once more?

With its phenomenal score, bursting with hits including “Summer Nights”, “Greased Lightnin’”, “Hopelessly Devoted to You” and “You’re the One That I Want”, this electrifying production is brought to life by a fresh young cast who bring energy, vitality and passion to this ultimate musical classic.

So round-up your T-Birds, pick up your Pink Ladies and re-discover why Grease really is the one that you want!

Note: this show contains a bit of suggestive language.